London Lua

London Lua is a user group for all aspects of the Lua programming language.

Meetings will take place around monthly usually at Skills Matter in Clerkenwell, London.

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The next meetup is on Thursday 17 October 2013 at 1000, at Skills Matter:

Lua: The world's most infuriating language by John Graham-Cumming

When first confronted with Lua an experienced programmer (like me!) finds themselves infuriated by the languages little differences and hopes that can dismiss it as not worth learning :-) Later they find themselves infuriated to learn that they can't dismiss it: Lua is just too fast, too useful and too flexible. This talk will look at my experience of learning Lua and using it to send a high-altitude balloon into the stratosphere and build CloudFlare's new low latency web application firewall.

John Graham-Cumming is a Programmer at CloudFlare.

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Past meetings:

Participation is open to everyone, whether a beginner or experienced, about all aspects of Lua, whether for scripting, games, mobile, web, embedded or other uses, the whole range of uses. If you would like to give a talk, sponsor the group, or suggest a topic, please mail me at, or use the LondonLua wiki page. Talks should be about technical subjects, around the use of Lua, and will all be available on video afterwards.

We are on twitter as @londonlua.

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